We have several projects we have embark on year round, we Update as we go on


Mrs Saka

Meet Mrs Saka 42 year old widow with 4 children. She lives in an uncompleted building with no windows, doors or ceiling just leaking roofs. She and her children have slept there for about 1 year 4 months. Every day, they go to sleep at the risk of theft, being molested, raped or even killed. Their nights are laced with nightmare, fear and uncertainties. When it rains, It's total torture. Their space is flooded as there are no windows or doors to keep the rain out. They are left with soaked items and lots of cleaning to do after the rain.

But her situation hasn't always been this; About 3 years ago, she lost her husband, while MOURNING, she lost the stall where she used to sell food at pen cinema bus stop. To make ends meet and feed her kids, She started hawking. As if that wasn't enough, she lost her house cos she couldn't meet up payment. 2 of her children dropped out of school to learn trades she sent her oldest to Live with someone else while the last 2 still go to primary school. She wakes up every morning praying to God to send her helpers to alleviate her problems while she goes to sleep at night in fear of the unknown.

Please join us as we help Mrs Saka move forward. With as little as 7,500 a month she can get a suitable 1 room apartment in Agege where she and her children can feel safe and as little as 4,500 we can help Mrs Saka kick off her cooking business. Mrs Saka's Needs:

  • Accomodation:16,000/month *12 = 192,000/ annum
  • Agency and Legal fees = 50,000
  • Business Support: 20,000
  • Children's School fees
  • 3 months Food Supply 7,500 * 3 = 22,500
  • Mentoring & Trainings
  • Basic book keeping

Mr Owoeye

A 48 year old Family man with 3 children and a wife. up untill his ordeal in 2015 when both Eyes were affected by Cataracts his way a Driver for an Organization in Ondo where he worked for more than 15 years. He began to loose his vision little by little since 2013 but due to lack of funds, exposure or information he ignored the signs and was managing till it took both his Eyes sight leaving him blind.

Since then he has lost the ability to provide for his family hence they live on little on no income as his wife is left to carry all the responsibilities on her hawking job. Mr Owoeye wants to be enrolled at the Blind Centre in Oshodi where he can learn how to survive in his new Abilities and to learn crafts ie baskets weaving etc

  • Registration, Tuition for 1 year at School of the Blind Centre: 200,000
  • Feeding for 6 months - 7,500 * 6 = 45,000
  • Business Support - 30,000


23 Other Families in need

Most of the Beneficiaries live in Owolewa Agege community in the Uncompleated buildings. Even though their situations are not as Critical as Mrs Saka's and the have a roof over their head, their financial sitution is just as bad. so we would be supporting ALL of them with:

  • Business Support: 20,000
  • Children's School fees
  • 3 months Food Supply 7,500 * 3 = 22,500
  • Mentoring & STrainings
  • Basic book keeping