What We Do

We aim to Bridge the gap between Food Waste/ Food loss and Poverty in Nigeria

About Us

Black Switch International Limited is a Social Enterprise with a goal to help reduce hunger by bridging the gap between food waste/ food loss & hunger in Africa. What is Food loss and food waste? it refers to the decrease of food in subsequent stages of the food supply chain intended for human consumption. Food is lost or wasted throughout the supply chain, from initial production down to final household consumption. There is high Food waste in Nigeria from Various Waste channels

Waste Channels namely;

  • Market waste:

    Because of Lack of proper storage in markets, perishable foods have a life span of 3-5days before the go rotten. Once rotten they are trashed.

  • Post Harvest waste:

    Farmers are saddled with the responsibility of looking for distribution channels for their products, yet some products get discarded becase of deformity in shape while leftovers are left to rot on the farms.

  • Supermarket and Stores:

    Best-before, Expired and deformed products are discarded by stores frequently. Meanwhile most Products still have an edible life span 3- 6 months after Best before or Expiry dates

  • Manufacturers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods -FMCG's:

    They destroy products that are few months to expiry or expired because the law says so and the food regulatory bodies clamp down on them. Also because they don't have people to consume them before the exact days

  • Individuals:

    People decide they dont like the look and taste of food or dont want leftovers and throw them into the dustbins.

  • Parties, Occasions, Restaurants and Fast foods:

    At events left over foods are discarded in bulk every day/weekend. Due to low purchase or Excess foods

  • Overstocked pantries:

    buying in bulk at the end of the day you dont consume them before they expire.
Beyond just waste of products, we waste time, energy, resources, money, water and manpower put into the manufacturing or creation of that product. These also cause a lot of problems to the society and the Environment beyond just the less privileged. This waste affects everyone and our Economy.


Project Switch

We focus on developing self-sufficiency by collaborating with these families towards running a sustainable business that helps them alleviate poverty. We support them with business support and a bit of food for few months to help them plough back their profit, stabilize and not eat their capital. We aim to help the Families in different ways we don’t just want to feed them but we want to teach them how to fend for themselves and make their lives better. One less family to worry about in Nigeria

  • Feeding:
    We will provide raw food for them to be able to provide a meal for their family.

  • Business set-up or Expansion:
    We help them procure more items needed for their business or provide them with resources to this effect

  • Skill Acquisition:
    Teach them a new trade or help them improve on an old trade they have learnt before.

  • Mentoring:
    These families get the chance to meet with counselors, life coaches and improvement coaches. Who will mentor them and help monitor their progress

  • Follow up/ Monitoring:
    We keep an eye on the progress of each family and assist them accordingly if need be as they grow.

  • School Supplies:
    We provide their children with school supplies, pay their school fees and help their improvement


We occasionally do Food Drives, Clothes Drives and Shoe Drives. We identify Charities, NGO's, communities where various items are needed and we resource for them. The Purpose of the Drives is to help support Charities, Individuals and Non governmental Organisations source for Materials they need.

Food Bank Market

Food Bank serves to alleviate hunger through the gathering and distribution of food while encouraging self-sufficiency, collaboration, advocacy and education. A food bank operates a lot like a for-profit food distributor, but in this case, it distributes food to charities, not to food retailers.